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The Evertree
The Evertree is your tool kit to overhaul the planet. (Some assembly required. )

Site launches 11/29/19
Content by Evertree Appliance Manufacturing
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If you’re looking for the most reliable home appliances on the planet you’re in the right place because that’s all we sell. 

Your time is valuable and I’m not going to waste it. Just follow the link under the video and download our Best Of PDF for no charge. If you also want the best customer service on the planet we offer that as well. Our operators are skilled in suggesting the 2nd most reliable machines if the one in starting lineup doesn’t fit your needs. The call is free and no matter which model number you choose, we’ll coordinate with wholesalers, retailers and delivery crews to have your new machine installed with a minimum of hassle. 

Since you’re in the marketplace for a large home appliance, may I have a second of your time? The appliance industry has gone through some changes in the last few years. Gone are the days a homeowner or landlord can purchase a certain brand and expect 20 years of worry-free appliance ownership. 

Manufacturers today design their machines to meet a target lifespan. Some people call this practice planned obsolescence. We call it planned failure. All the machines sold today are expected to live about 8-12 years, depending on the model number.

When shopping for a reliable machine please remember you can’t get a better machine by paying more for it. More features and newer features mean higher manufacturing costs and higher retail prices. With more complexity comes decreased reliability. That super-fancy French Door Refrigerator with ice and water through the door adds dozens of recently-invented parts. When one of those parts fails, it’s time for a repair, adding even more to your cost of ownership.

When the manufacturer stops selling those parts or prices them so high to make a repair unlikely, homeowners and landlords are forced into replacing their machine instead of repairing it. Involuntary Replacement adds to the annual cost of ownership. 

Replacement, whether planned or unplanned adds to the environmental footprint of appliance ownership. Currently in the U.S. we replace 175,000 machines a day, or 11 billion pounds of dead machines every year.

If you like the way things the way they are, we’re all done. Have a great day and God-speed. Thank you for your time. 

If you’ve been forced recently into an Involuntary Replacement perhaps you don’t like things as they are. That’s what The Evertree is for. 

When you order an new home appliance from The Evertree we automatically add an Evertree Upgrade. An Evertree Upgrade is a 10-year Repair Guarantee plus the world’s best customer service. We’ll create an interactive owner’s guide for you which includes a maintenance and repair cheat sheet for your specific model number.

Is your dishwasher making a funny noise you haven’t heard before? Is that normal or is something wrong? What’s the ideal service interval for the dryer? The refrigerator? The oven? Every comment and part number in your owner’s guide is relevant to your model number. What’s the part number for the computer? How much does that cost, should your machine need a new one? Got a question for the other owners of that model number? Your interactive owner’s guide is just the place to ask. You’ll have instant answers, never wondering if the information is for another manufacturer or model number. 

An Evertree Upgrade is available for any model number, as long as your machine is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. 

The Evertree is taking the unprecedented step of covering all brands and model numbers for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase.

Yes we’ll likely lose money on some machines. But the majority of them will live more than 10 years with periodic maintenance as long as replacement parts are available, inexpensive and reliable. 

To ensure this is the case, we’re tracking failure data on every model number sold. We’re looking for patterns and trends which will help us improve our Best Of list every quarter. 

When we discover part number with a high failure rate we’ll ask our engineers to redesign the part for increased longevity. We’ll make replacements plug-and-play retro-compatible with our competitors’ machines, manufactured to be inexpensive, reliable and available, for as long as you want to own your home appliance. 

We’re making these Upgraded Parts available to our technicians, so any time we work on one of your machines you’ll get the most up-to-date technology on the planet. 

That’s what we can do with our competitor’s machines. Imagine what we could do if we designed them from the beginning? 

Cold food. Hot food. Clean clothes. Clean dishes. Every household on the planet with electricity wants and needs these modern mechanical luxuries. How can we provide them without trashing the planet? By building machines that never wear out.

A portion of each Evertree Upgrade will be earmarked for the development of a line of home appliances which never need to be replaced until you want to replace them. When you update your kitchen in 20 years the machines will still have decades of life in them. We’ll buy back used Evertree machines, rebuild them and sell them again on the secondary market. 

Each machine is designed for the lowest long-term cost of ownership, and priced only 20% more than our nearest competitor. 

Whether you’re a landlord, homeowner, laundromat operator, government supply officer, an environmentalist or you’re just tired of legalized extortion by corporations, The Evertree is designed to reintroduce Reliability to the home appliance market. We’ll remind the corporations who their customers are: the people who use the machines. 

By introducing real competition in the market, we expect other manufacturers will Upgrade their designs. When two or more of our competitors offer machines with Indefinite Longevity, we’ll know the market has changed and we’ll announce “Mission Accomplished.” 


Ambitious? You bet your sweet bippy! We saw a problem. A global problem. Then we designed a solution to address that problem at the appropriate scale. Growing The  Evertree is smallest action necessary to bring about the changes in the global marketplace needed to minimize the environmental impact of modern living . No apologies. 

We humans have never had to do this before – change the direction of an industry to help steer the planet away from ecological disaster. The Evertree won’t get us as far as we need to go, but it’s enough to move the needle. 

We designed the ideal appliance ownership experience from the end-user’s perspective, and we’re building that. That’s what makes The Evertree so different. We recognize some small actions have global consequences when repeated millions of times, and we’re offering people the option of taking the responsible path. The fact that the responsible path is also the least expensive is just icing on the cake. 


We’re treating home appliance ownership as a utility. The first line of Evertree machines will fit the needs of 85% of landlords and homeowners. They’re Upgrad-able cosmetically at your convenience, and functionally when more efficient technologies are invented. 

Lowest cost of ownership. Fewer breakdowns. Easier, less expensive repairs. Better for the environment. Never getting smacked with an Involuntary Replacement. At The Evertree we recognize that The Best home appliances available on the planet will be in high demand.

When we’ve sold 3,000 Evertree Upgrades we’re fully funded to develop our new line of appliances at a pace limited only by human ingenuity and the inherent limitations of the manufacturing process. 

We needed a corporate management system that could keep up. 

Modeled after the Very Large Array in New Mexico, and based on the work of James Surowiecki (The Wisdom of Crowds) and Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Skin in the Game) our management system is transparent and open. Our proprietary decision-making technology produces the best solutions available to everyday humans. It’s faster, wiser, more agile and more scalable than any other corporate structure you’ve heard of.  And it’s entirely customer-oriented. 

We’re inviting everyone and anyone who has an opinion about the home appliance market into a conversation. Homeowners. Retailers. Delivery crews. Repair technicians. Bankers. Lawyers. Every additional perspective makes our decisions more complete. More nuanced. More certain it’s the best solution available at the time. We’ll deliver our preferred solutions to paid professionals who will then implement our best ideas.

Do you want your appliance manufacturer to source their parts from the U.S.? We’ll discuss the pro’s and con’s and estimate how much that choice will add to the cost of production. Do you want your stove cooktop coated with non-stick ceramic? If enough other people think that would be a value-added feature, we’ll include it in the design.

Participation will take about 1/2 an hour a week. Your time is your most valuable resource and we’re not going to waste it. If you decide to spend some of it with us, we’ll invite you to overhaul the industry with us. 

Click the “I want to help” button and we’ll send you an email describing how you can get started. 

Welcome to The Evertree. 


The purpose of The Evertree is to overhaul the planet starting with the home appliance industry. It’s not a revolution; it’s an evolution.

The Evertree is an economic engine designed to generate the capitol needed to get things done at the scale required to move the needle. Windmills don’t grow on trees! LOL

We’ve brought together everything you need to overhaul your planet in about 60-100 years. With the help of thousands of other like-minded people, we’ll design and build revolutionary vertically-integrated political, energy and financial systems. Households may then self-adopt at their own pace.

The cost of overhauling the planet is less than we are already committed to spending. Your (or your landlord’s) refrigerator is gonna break down one day. Replacing that fridge with one designed to go 100 years will lower the annual cost of fridge ownership, reduce the environmental destruction of building (and discarding) 8-10 more fridges like the ones they’re selling today, AND fund the first steps of overhauling the planet. 

We’ve created an open conversation about big-picture topics. We’ll identify a challenge, gather solutions anonymously, sort the good ones from the less-good, and experts will discuss the pro’s and con’s of the 10 best. They’ll estimate costs, timelines, and chances of success; and all of us will vote on which solutions we like. The solution with the most votes gets funded and we hire business professionals to implement it.


Evertree brand appliances will be available in 2022. Until then, the PDF above lists the most reliable appliances available for sale. If you make your new appliance purchase through The Evertree, we’ll add a 10-year repair guarantee for only 20% more than the retail price.

We’re not asking for your money. We’re asking for something far more valuable: your time. Specifically, about 1/2 hour a week until you’re no longer interested.

Strategic Planning of The Evertree’s growth is entirely customer-driven.

A group of 1000 weirdos properly organized is smarter, faster, more agile, more scalable and better-informed than a team of experts. We all know a little about business, appliances, the environment, etc. Experts lead the conversation and our customers choose the path which satisfies the largest number of people.

Group decision-making works on this subject because in this case, all the stakeholders want the same thing. Learn more here >.

“Impossible is easy when you know how.”

– Michael Grimshaw, Evertree Founder and Chief Minion

A note from the Founder.

Yes, I know how in-over-my-head I am. I imagined the ideal home appliance ownership experience and designed a company to produce that. When I realized what else that company could do… here we are. 

My experience is as a 15-year appliance technician and small business owner who was previously trained to maintain a nuclear reactor. I’m a grandfather and I have concerns about my grandson’s quality of life. Will he live through a war? A famine? Economic slavery? Today we have the opportunity to choose our grandkids’ futures.