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The Evertree
The Evertree is a three-part system designed to overhaul an industry.

Buy It Once. Use It Forever.

Home appliances break down and get replaced younger than they used to. This increases costs for homeowners and landlords, and leads to environmental destruction.

The Evertree is designed to reverse the trend and eliminate perverse financial incentives which inspire legacy manufacturers to gouge their customers and destroy the planet. 

Part One: Free Expert Advice

Part One is a free help line for your home appliances. Any brand. Any age. Any retailer. Got a question? Whether you’re a DIY-er or a just-hire-a-guy kind of person, we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction. The Evertree’s first goal is to keep your appliances working. If a repair isn’t in the cards our second goal is to give you the information you need to make a wise purchase decision. Call today! 414-243-1579

Part Two: Better Machines

Part Two is a line of large home appliances designed for lowest cost of ownership. Every machine breaks down. Until today your home appliance’s design life was determined before it was built. Planned failure increases profits, but it also increases costs to homeowners and environmental destruction. By purchasing machines with indefinite lifespans, you can keep using your washer, dryer, dishwasher, fridge and stove until you want to replace them.

Part Three: Customer's Choice

Part Three is a customer-driven business decision-making process. Tired of CEO’s gaming the system for maximum profit? We’ve eliminated the position in favor Maximum Customer Value. Evertree customers are involved in strategic planning for the growth of The Evertree. The business plan, projected sales, and financial statements are published online. As a group, our customers choose the next business challenge to address, discuss viable options, and vote for the best path forward.

All Profits Go To Charity

The purpose of The Evertree is to overhaul the home appliance industry. When two legacy manufacturers adopt Evertree’s design philosophy and produce machines with indefinitely long lives we’ll announce ‘Mission Accomplished.’

The cost of overhauling the industry is less than we are committed to spending when our current machines need replacing.

Ultimately The Evertree will generate profits, which will be re-invested into other projects which improve people’s lives, minimize environmental destruction and create long-term social and financial value.




“The impossible isn’t so hard when you know how.”

– Michael Grimshaw, Evertree Founder and Chief Minion

A note from the Founder:  Not gonna lie.

I have a good idea how in-over-my-head I am. I need help – both encouragement and technical help. Many hands make light work. 

The plan to install better machines in you home doesn’t work without you.

I’m in a Catch-22: I can’t not do this. And I can’t do this alone. Will you join me? 



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The Evertree can be reached directly by phone, by text or by emailing the founder at michael.grimshaw1@gmail.com.