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You can make a positive impact...

Our Mission

To bridge the gap to the ground floor efforts working hard to help global regions recover from deforestation, reduce extreme poverty, and battle climate change. We strive to create the opportunity for all individuals and businesses to join these fights. We will help move towards environmental sustainability and a brighter future for our planet. 

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If you are looking to partner with us, or have any inquires, please reach out to us.


Visit some of the most critical regions

Some global regions are affected more than others. Learn about some of the different countries facing problems caused by deforestation.

Exploring Nature

Explore Important Topics

There is a lot of information out there. We've curated the most important for you to explore.

Tree Planting

​We've built unique tree planting packages that will help shape an understanding of your impact on this planet. 

Surely it is our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.

- Sir David Attenborough


Continuously support important tree planting projects around the world. Find a subscription that best suits how you want your impact to be made.

Planting regions

​Would you like to support a particular region? You can direct 100% of your trees to the region of your choice. Take a look at the projects that are available to you.

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Burnewood Dental

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Rainforest Rising

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The Earthly Market

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Sky & Sand Investments

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Our Partners

Getting Involved

We're planting close to home! Based out of  Edmonton Alberta Canada, we work with local community partners to volunteer in helping build and care for our urban forests. We also work with our partners who are interested in sponsoring their own planting event or hosting a team building event for your employees and their families.

An Average Individual's CO2


An average North American produces between 16 and 22 tons of carbon annually.

By planting 10 trees today, you can become climate positive. Over their lifetime, those trees will offset 2 tons of carbon per month.



The amount of hours of employment that 100 trees create for a person whose life has been severely affected by deforestation.

In each of the nations we support, the planting projects provide safe, meaningful employment to people in impoverished areas. In our planting nations, each tree planter plants an average of 100 trees per day.  



The number of trees needed to construct an average 2,000 square foot house.


Each house requires roughly 12,600 board feet of lumber to build. The average mature fir or pine tree is 80’ tall and 2’ in diameter meaning each tree yields 754 board feet of lumber. That makes 17 mature trees to frame the house.  

Hardwood floors, cabinets, siding, roofing and paneling will more than double the number of trees required to complete the home. In total, building a home today requires 40 mature trees for every 2,000 square feet, or 20 trees for every 1,000 feet.



The size of a family that 32 trees will generate enough oxygen every year.


A human breathes about 9.5 tons of air in a year. Oxygen makes up about 23% of that air by mass, and we extract a little over a third of the oxygen from each breath. That works out to a total of about 740kg of oxygen per year. The average tree generates nearly 100kg of oxygen per year. Meaning it takes approximately 32 trees to generate enough oxygen for a family of 4 in a year.



The number of kilometers each tree can offset.

The average North American drives 15,200 KM per year. The average car uses 251 grams of CO2 per KM. Each year the average driver will generate 3.815 tons of CO2. This means it takes 19 trees to offset the average year of driving.

Tons of CO2


The amount of tons of carbon over the first 40 years of life a tree will sequester (offset).

Each tree you plant will sequester roughly 0.2 tons of carbon in the first 30 - 40 years of its life. A 100 year old tree can sequester up to 1 ton of carbon. Mangroves, the trees that our partners plant most, sequester carbon at a rate two to four times greater than mature tropical forests. A grove of Mangroves has the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems.

Each year, the planet loses nearly 10 billion trees. Using Evertree, you can make a difference in bringing this number down. Make a difference and track your impact today!

Trees planted to date


Carbon offset


Employee hours created


Driving offset


Homes replanted


Oxygen for family of 4



Our Team.

Evertree was founded by Greg Jaciuk, Trevor Dyck and John Taggart. Based out of Edmonton Alberta Canada, our management team brings a diverse set of experience to Evertree.  We strive to bring our unique set of skills and expertise to deliver honest, transparent and premier service to our customers.

Chief Technology Officer

Greg has an education and professional background in information technology. Graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Computing Sciences, Greg has pursued a career in software engineering and technical architecture. 

Chief Financial Officer

Trevor is a finance professional with experience in commercial leasing and project management.  As a graduate of the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce and as a Certified Public Accountant through CPA Alberta, Trevor brings experience in finance and in leading a large team within a successful organization to Evertree.

Chief Operating Officer

Inspired by the work of David Attenborough and Silvia Earle, John is an environmentalist committed to urgent action for our planet. John is passionate about creating innovative ways consumers and corporations can harness the power of consumerism, transforming consumption from a destructive force to be restorative and sustainable. John studied Economics and Biological Sciences and is particularly fond of Botany and his cat Sylvester.

Digital Media Manager
Natasha Robinson

Natasha is passionate about making the world a better place and educating others on important social issues. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Psychology and Criminology at MacEwan University.

Every year we follow up with customers on the anniversary of their vehicle purchase. We started planting trees for every customer who replies and we now receive nearly three times as many responses as we did before.

Jeffry U.   |  Assistant Manager Cochrane Dodge, Jeep and Ram

Happy Customers

What they're saying

Evertree makes it easy for our family of 5 to have a net zero carbon footprint.

10 Trees per Month

Until I found Evertree it was hard to know what I could do to help our planet. Evertree makes it easy for me to make a difference every month.

A Daily Good Deed - One Tree a Day

It’s great to contribute to a company that I can trust and that is doing real good in the world.

Restore Tiger Habitats



​We are actively seeking new relationships with businesses and governments to build solutions to combat deforestation and climate change. By working with large organizations we hope to find new ways to get as many trees in the ground as quick and efficiently as possible.



​Individuals can make a difference. Choose from a variety of tree planting options and track your impact with your own Dashboard. Evertree seeks to empower individuals with opportunities for each and every person to be able to make a meaningful difference and contribute to a better environment and planet.



​The ground floor movements we support, build and elevate their communities. Planting trees, as well as the efforts to fund those trees, builds the community. The trees themselves shape the people and environment where they are planted creating a positive feedback loop.

Write your 
sustainability story.

​​With our platform, you can plant trees and track the positive impact they'll have over their lifetime. For businesses, we enable our partners to connect with their customers in new and meaningful ways. Become a member today and start using your dashboard right away!

Plant trees.
Build your brand.

Visualize your impact

With Evertree, your dashboard tracks and visualizes the incredible benefits of your trees

Connect with your customers

Build your mailing list with Evertree and plant a tree for every subscriber. You get the QR code and the digital form to bring customers to you

Access your data

Our APIs allow you to integrate your website and apps with your data. Let your customers know what sustainability means to you

Social Recognition

​Be recognized for the environmental contributions made by you or your organization on the web and on social media

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