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Evertree grew out of a simple concept; allow someone to plant a single tree with the click of a button. We wanted to create the easiest way possible for anyone and everyone to make a positive environmental impact.  This simple idea blossomed into an opportunity to go beyond just planting trees.  It has given us the ability to connect with our own community as well as communities around the world in a meaningful way. The unique and complimentary blend of professional backgrounds, and a shared passion to build something special, gave way to Evertree.

Evertree is a Social Purpose Organization (SPO), established in 2020, dedicated to providing “blended value” with a combination of social, environment and financial support for areas affected most by deforestation.  Our goal is to not only plant trees in areas that need them but also financially support these communities by providing jobs, opportunities, education and other social and infrastructure support.

Getting Involved

We're planting close to home! Based out of Edmonton Alberta Canada, we work with local community partners to volunteer in helping build and care for our urban forests.  We also work with our partners who are interested in sponsoring their own planting event or hosting a team building event for your employees and their families.

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