Evertree Appliance Warranty

The Evertree’s new appliance warranty gives you peace of mind, extends the life of your machine and saves you money in the long run.

Why Choose An Evertree Upgrade?  

We're different.

Extending the life of your machine reduces the cost and the environmental destruction associated with appliance ownership.

Available for any brand.

Any new machine still under the manufacturer's warranty is eligible for an Evertree Upgrade.

We'll fix it.

If you machine breaks down during the warranty period we'll cover any parts and labor needed to bring it back to life, or we'll replace it for you.


We'll service it.

Unlike other extended warranties, The Evertree replaces any wear items at the five-year mark at no additional cost.

Upgraded parts.

Any time we're working on your machine we'll use OEM or better-than-OEM replacement parts.

Profits go to charity.

Any profit derived from Evertree Upgrades are re-invested into projects which improve people’s lives, minimize environmental destruction and create long-term social and financial value.

Give us a call! We don't bite (much)


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