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Customer Directed
The Evertree is a three-part system designed to overhaul an industry.

Strategic Planning of The Evertree’s growth is entirely customer-driven. A group of 1000 people properly organized is smarter, faster and better-informed than a team of experts. We all know a little about business, appliances, the environment, etc. Experts lead the conversation and our customers choose the path which satisfies the largest number of people. Group decision-making works because on this subject, all the stakeholders want the same thing.

  • The Customer knows best.
  • The Customer knows to pay Evertree employees and contractors a living wage.
  • The Customer knows to source parts from countries with strict environmental and labor laws.
  • The Customer knows great Customer Service can make or break a company.
  • The Customer knows which features they want.
  • The Customer knows how much they’re willing to spend for a better product. 

Step One

Step One happens on Facebook. 

Each Monday morning we’ll start a new post: What’s the most important challenge for us to address today? 

Anyone with an idea submits his/her question and participants upvote the challenges they feel are important. 

Sunday at midnight the question with the most votes becomes the Topic of the Day. 

Step Two

Step Two happens on Quora. 

Each Monday morning we’ll create a new Quora post featuring the Topic of the Day. We’ll tag experts to lead the conversation, and they’ll offer their best ideas to meet the named challenge. 

Their answers will include projected costs, timelines, potential risks and the probability of success. 

Step Three

Step Three happens by email. 

Each Monday morning you’ll receive a ballot listing the 11 best solutions intended to meet the challenge from Step One. 

Vote for as many as you like, and the one with the most votes gets incorporated into the business plan. 

Paid professionals are responsible for implementing the plan YOU, our Customers, have chosen.

The Evertree voting system is based on the work of James Surowiecki and Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Admittedly, it’s a bit of an experiment though if you’ve ever played Team Trivia you’ll have an idea of how smart a group of randomly chosen people can be.