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Buy it once. Use it forever.

Clean clothes. Clean dishes. Hot food. Cold Food.

For as long as there are people with electricity and financial means, we will always choose to have these modern luxuries in our homes. How can we provide these luxuries for 10 billion people century after century without trashing the planet? By making the machines efficient and upgradable. Design them from Day 1 to be retro-compatible for efficiency and cosmetic upgrades. 

Indefinite lifespans plus modular replacement parts adds up to the lowest cost of ownership. Even at 2X the price of our competitors, an Evertree machine is a great value. But we’ve eliminated so much overhead we can offer our machines for about the same price as our competitors. Our target retail price is 1.2X the price of our nearest competitor.

Our first run of machines will be middle-of-the-road aesthetically, designed for apartments. One version each of a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. These machines will fit the needs of 80% of homes. Each will come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, and we’ll set up planned maintenance intervals at the time of delivery. 

As of Today

These super-awesome machines that are gonna save the planet will be available in 3-5 years. We gotta do laundry before that!! Which is why we're recommending our competitor's machines. Only the best of what's available. Every quarter we update our list of The Most Reliable Appliances For Sale Today. Are you in the market for a new machine? Download your free copy instantly. Order from The Evertree and we'll discount any diagnostic charge you may have paid.

Get on the List

The new washers, dryers, dishwashers and stoves designed for indefinite lifespans are sold first-come, first-served. Sign up for free to give us an idea of how many homeowners want these machines to be their next appliance purchase. Your place in line is secured by payment in full, and only people who have paid in full before you will get their machines before you. The day your machine rolls off the line you own it, and we'll hold onto it for you or deliver it to any address in the lower 48.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

The Evertree can source any available replacement part on the planet and have it delivered to your home. Additionally, we have access to remove-repair-replace services for obsolete parts like circuit boards. For newer machines we're fast-tracking better-than-original upgraded repair parts, such as dryer rollers with ball bearings that fit your legacy dryer. Long life starts today.


Buy it once. Use it forever.

The Evertree aligns the interests of customers, employees, business professionals, technicians, engineers, suppliers and delivery teams for the ultimate goal of renovating the large home appliance industry.