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  • Why you should plant a tree today
    Forest restoration is one of the best climate change solutions available. Trees use the energy of sunlight and through the process of photosynthesis they take carbon dioxide from the air and water from the ground. In the process of converting these items into plant material trees release oxygen into the air. In addition to the carbon dioxide that trees capture, they also help the soil capture significant amounts of carbon.
  • What is the impact of each tree you plant?
    Each tree you plant will sequester roughly 0.2 tons of carbon in the first 30-40 years of its life. A 100 year old tree can sequester up to 1 ton of carbon. Mangroves, the trees that our partners plant most, sequester carbon at a rate two to four times greater than mature tropical forests. A grove of Mangroves has the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems.
  • What do I get when I plant a tree?
    As soon as make your purchase we send you a personalized certificate thanking you for your contribution. This confirms both the number of trees you are planting and the region you are supporting. ​ We send a confirmation email to you as soon as your trees are actually planted. We will let you know the specific species of tree that is planted, the GPS location of the planting project and send you pictures from the site. We will also send you updates on the lifecycle of that planting project over time so you can track the impact of your trees on the community and the environment.
  • Become a member!
    Sign up to become a member of our site to track the progress of your personal forest as you plant. ​ You can view your personal dashboard at any time to see all the trees you have planted. We track the number of trees, age of trees, species of trees and the different parts of the world that you have planted in. We also track the environmental impact of the trees that make up your forest over time. ​ Track your progress and earn badges for your helping to changing the world
  • Where does my money go?
    We have committed in our Articles of Incorporation to ensure a minimum of 85% of all funds received to tree planting activities and climate projects. At the end of each year we publicly publish our financial information, proof of all tree planting contributions and the data on the impact of each project we support. Check for yourself, the 85% we have committed to as an organization is right up there with the best charities in the world. Tree planting activities and climate projects 85% Project Management 5% Platform support and technical development 5% Operating and Administration Expenses 5%
  • Who plants the trees?
    We work with amazing partners who have planting operations in each of the countries made available to you to plant in. The who question is essential to our mission. All of the trees you plant are planted by locals in each nation hired by our amazing partners. ​ By planting a tree you are doing so much more than just helping our planet. You are making a HUGE impact on the PEOPLE in the areas affected by deforestation. Many of the regions most impacted by deforestation are poverty-stricken and underdeveloped. Often the members of these impoverished communities are forced to destroy their local environment just to survive. Trees are cut down for construction, fuel, heat and short-sighted agricultural purposes. This solves a short-term problem but the long term consequences are devastating when these forests are not restored. Deforestation causes severe flooding, erosion, desertification and soon leaves these lands uninhabitable and not suitable for any agricultural purposes. ​ Your contribution to planting trees in one of the impoverished nations we support will give the local population a fair and consistent income so they can provide for their families. As the reforestation effort goes on, healthy forests begin to emerge and the harmful effects of deforestation in this area disappears. For additional information and pictures on each project, check out our projects.
  • How do I know the trees are planted?
    We do everything we can to provide as much transparency as possible. When your trees are actually planted we will send you an update with photos, species information and the specific planting project from the nation that you are supporting. We have put a lot of time and effort into researching and selecting credible and reliable partners who undergo external audits and provide documentation to support the planting that they do. In addition we select only partners who can attest to the planting of all the trees that are planted on behalf of Evertree. ​ Please visit our planting partner's Reforest Authentication page to view the SGS Forest Management Certification. ​ We have photos from each planting site and the GPS coordinates of the forest your tree is planted in. We are working on developing geocoding on a per grove level as opposed to the larger forest information that we currently have. We work with partners to provide specific tree verification software in a cost effective manner. There is a balance between providing these additional assurances and investing as much as possible in the actual act of planting trees. Our mission is to plant as many trees as possible. In order to do this we need to keep our administrative costs as low as possible. Evertree Environmenttal Ltd. is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • How long until my trees are planted?
    This depends on the country you have selected and the time of year. Most planting is done during the rainy season in each country as this provides ideal soil condition for the sapling to grow into a healthy tree. Most of our trees are planted 3 months after your funds are received, but depending on the season it could take up to 9 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about tree planting, carbon offsetting and how we achieve it

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