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Business Partnerships

We partner with progressive and industry leading companies who are providing a way for everyone to make a positive impact. Start planting for as little as $0.25 per tree. 

Your company's dashboard

The trees that your company plants will have a wide reaching and lasting positive effect. With Evertree, you get immediate access to My Dashboard which is used to visualize the impact your company is making.

Increase customer survey response rate

Not getting the desired response from customers on your surveys? Incentivize them by planting a tree for every survey completed. We work with you to make sure the trees get planted in the ground.

Grow your mailing list

Need help growing your company's mailing list? Plant a tree for every subscriber! We work with you to make sure the trees get planted in the ground.

Connect to your Evertree data

Evertree unlocks your data making it available for your business to securely use on any platform. Our Application Programming Interface (API) enables direct access to the same data you see on your dashboard and allows you the flexibility to share your sustainability story in your own way.



Evertree includes your logo and link to your website on our home and business pages. You can choose to also include a full company bio showcasing the environmental contributions made by your organization and brand.

Social Media Posts


Evertree will post about our partnership and your contributions on our social media platforms. As you reach certain planting milestones, additional announcement are made thanking you for your contributions to our planet. We work with your team to customize these posts to ensure they build your brand according to your vision.

Progress Tracking


Our easy to use tools give you live data on the progress of your contributions and the environmental impact of the trees that you plant.  This can be used in marketing materials or presented on your website to demonstrate your social responsibility.

Get in touch today!


By working together we can increase your customer satisfaction, consumer experience, highlight specific products and unique attributes of your business to increase sales and brand loyalty while improving our planet and the living conditions of the people and animals who share it.

Additional Partnership Offerings

We are flexible to create an effective program that will help you build brand loyalty and associate corporate social responsibility with your brand. We work with your team to create a model that works for you.

Our Partners

Burnewood Dental

Burnewood Dental

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RR logo transparent bg.png

Rainforest Rising

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Cochrane Dodge

Full Review
The Earthly Market Logo.png

The Earthly Market

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Sky & Sand Investments Logo_edited.png

Sky & Sand Investments

Full Review

Local Real Estate

Full Review


Full Review

AIA Wear

Full Review

Get to
Know Us

​Evertree was founded with the mission of planting trees to improve the lives, livelihoods and the environment for everyone on our planet. The way we scale and expand these initiatives is by working with businesses to link everyday consumption of goods and services in the Western world to tree planting efforts in the developing world.

Our transparent pricing and collaborative adaptive planning process allows your business' contributions to have the maximum impact.  We allow you to maintain creative control on how your environmental messaging is delivered to your clients and customers.

Your Dashboard and beyond

Quantify your impact

See the amazing impact of the trees you plant. Share incredible information such as the CO2 and the driving distance you offset. Feel good knowing the hours of employment you have provided to people in the communities that also benefit from your support.

Find your trees

Keep track of where your trees have been planted.  Go deeper and learn about the specific remote communities and regions where your trees are making a difference.

Track your progress

See the year over year, month over month progress you have achieved. We keep track of your unique journey towards a more sustainable and brighter future. Share your dashboard with your customers and employees to demonstrate your social responsibility.

Manage your partnership

The Dashboard is the portal to your partnership with Evertree. Access all our self-service offerings and digital media that benefits your organization.

Let’s talk about Numbers:


of people are more likely to complete a survey if a tree is planted


of people are more likely to buy a product that plants a tree with every purchase


of millennials say that global warming is personally important to them

Connect to your Evertree data



Connect to your data from any platform using our RESTful API. Our documentation provides a step-by-step guide to begin integrating in no time at all. 


Share your restorative and sustainability stories in your own way. Our API provides direct access to your raw tree planting data, allowing you to shape it in your own way on your own platforms.


New features and improvements are released regularly. Check back often to see what new capabilities are offered.

Custom Made
For Your You

Collaborate with us to design and rollout your own campaigns. Incentivize your customers by planting a tree with every product, service, survey, new subscriber, and more. 


Promote your products and plant a tree with each sale


Promote your services and dedicate a percentage of sales or fixed amount towards planting trees


Connect to customers on their time


Reach customers anywhere


We love seeing the tree planting progress our office makes each month and all the other benefits these trees give to our planet.


Burnewood Dental

Every year we follow up with customers on the anniversary of their vehicle purchase. We started planting trees for every customer who replies and we now receive nearly three times as many responses as we did before.

Jeffry U.   |  Assistant Manager Cochrane Dodge, Jeep and Ram

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