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We partner with progressive and industry leading companies who are providing a way for everyone to make a positive impact.


Build environmental sustainability stories for your business today

Evertree was founded with the mission of planting trees to improve the lives, livelihoods and the environment for everyone on our planet. The way we scale and expand these initiatives is by working with businesses to link everyday consumption of goods and services in the Western world to tree planting efforts in the developing world.

Our transparent pricing and collaborative adaptive planning process allows your business' contributions to have the maximum impact.  We allow you to maintain creative control on how your environmental messaging is delivered to your clients and customers.

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How We Help

Monthly Planting Packages

Start making a positive environmental impact today.  Our business specific monthly tree packages are designed for your business to meet corporate sustainability goals and help our planet.  Pick one of our standard monthly plans or contact us to build a custom plan for your business today. 

Why you should partner with Evertree today

Our simple dashboard gives you live data on the progress of your contributions and the environmental impact of the trees that you plant.  This can be used in marketing materials or presented on your website to demonstrate your social responsibility.

We will include your logo and a link to your website on our Partners Page.

We will post about our partnership and your contributions on our social media platforms.  As you reach certain planting milestones we provide additional announcement posts thanking you for your contributions to our planet.

Evertree commits to ensuring the proper handling of the planting, growing and monitoring of your trees to maturity.

Our Partnerships

Burnewood Dental

Burnewood Dental

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If you are looking to partner with us, or have any inquires, please reach out to us.

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