Tree Stump

For Your Customers

Give your customers the choice to plant a tree and offset the carbon footprint of their next purchase.

How it works...

Plant a single tree, or more, for every product or service your business sells.  We are flexible to create an effective program that will help you build brand loyalty and associate corporate social responsibility with your brand.  Depending on the number of trees you plant monthly each tree can cost your organization as little as $0.25 per tree. 

We work with your team to create a model that works for you.  Depending on the products and services your business offers this can include a tree-per-sale model, a percentage of sales or planting trees as a part of a marketing or social medial campaign.  

The simple tools we provide allow for your organization to plant your trees monthly, quarterly, every six months or annually based on your activities over that same period.

Evertree commits to ensuring the proper handling of the planting, growing and monitoring of your trees to maturity.

We provide a simple to use dashboard tracking the location and number of trees your organization has planted as well as the environmental impact of your trees.


Benefits of Partnering with Evertree

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By working together we can increase your customer satisfaction, consumer experience, highlight specific products and unique attributes of your business to increase sales and brand loyalty while improving our planet and the living conditions of the people and animals who share it.

Frozen Land

We will include your logo and a link to your website on our Partners Page, recognizing the environmental contributions made by your organization and brand 

Social Media Posts

We will post about our partnership and your contributions on our social medial platforms.  As you reach certain planting milestones we provide additional announcement posts on our social channels thanking you for your contributions to our planet.  We can work with your team to customize these announcements and ensure they help build your brand according to your vision

Pine Trees
Progress Tracking

Our easy to use tools give you live data on the progress of your contributions and the environmental impact of the trees that you plant.  This can be used in marketing materials or presented on your website to demonstrate your social responsibility.

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If you are looking to partner with us, or have any inquires, please reach out to us.

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