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Mangrove Species


Soneratia alba 

Bruguiera gymnorhiza  

Avicennia marina 

Nypa fruticans 

Xylocarpus granatum

Pictures from our Partner Planting Sites in Indonesia

Eden Reforestation Projects

​Why Indonesia?

The islands of Indonesia are home to 12% of the world's mammals, 16% of the world's reptiles and amphibians, 17% of the world's birds and 25% of global fish populations


42 million people live below the international poverty line of $1.25 per day


Only 20% of Indonesia's original forest habitat remains. 

Each year another 6.2 million acres of forests are cut down.

Coastal Planting

Baik Island, located on the Northern coast of West Papua is characterized by its tropical climate and extensive coastline.  

Mangrove restoration in this area help to reduce the effects of flooding, tsunamis and soil erosion.  In addition mangrove ecosystems provide a safe nursery for schooling fish helping support the livelihood of the villagers in this region.

Tree Species

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