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Mangrove Species

Avicinia marina 

Rhizophora mucronata 

Ceriops tagal 

Bruguiera gymnoohiza

Pictures from our Partner Planting Sites in Mozambique

Eden Reforestation Projects

​Why Mozambique?

Mozambique has lost over 370,000 square km of its forests.  Which is an area larger than the size of Germany.


The main causes of deforestation are slash and burn practices for agriculture and charcoal production.


97% of logging in the country is done illegally.

Deforestation in Mozambique is affecting the natural habitat of both the Black Rhinoceros and Selous Zebra.  As of today there are only 20 Black Rhinos that remain in Mozambique.

Coastal Planting

Maputo Bay is located on the Southern tip of Mozambique.  

Mangroves provides stability against erosion and improve ocean and coral reef health.

In 2020 the Mozambican government introduced the "Mangrove Management Strategy".  The goal of this plan is to bring environmental, social and economic benefits to the Country.

Tree Species

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