Our Mission:

Overhaul An Industry. Save Millions of People Hundreds Of Dollars Each – Every Year. Move The Needle On The Environment From 'Can't' To 'Will.' 

The purpose of The Evertree is to overhaul the home appliance industry. When legacy manufacturers adopt Evertree’s design philosophy and produce machines with indefinitely long lives we’ll announce ‘Mission Accomplished.’

Every day, we replace 175,000 large home appliances in the U.S. creating an annual 11-billion pound waste stream. The Evertree was designed to make a global impact at the global scale of the problem. A drop in the bucket for sure, but it’s a start. 

Clean clothes. Hot food. Cold food. Clean dishes. For as long as people have electricity and financial means, they will always choose to have these modern luxuries in their homes. On every continent, planet and moon we visit, we’ll take these luxuries with us. Homeowners and landlords want reasonable prices and long life. Spacemen and repair technicians want a short list of modular parts to carry for most repairs. Let’s design and build the machines people want. 

The Evertree is an experiment. We’ve taken the phrase “The Customer knows best,” to its extreme. When all the stakeholders are involved in the conversation, and everyone who cares enough to vote has an equal voice, more people will get what they want. Good decisions incorporate thousands of perspectives from business professionals, appliance technicians, homeowners, landlords, engineers, and environmentalists. 

We’ve turned Capitalism upside down. In economic terms The Evertree short-circuits supply-and-demand and places The Customer in the CEO position. We’re making products with high demand and zero supply. The Evertree eliminates the resistance in the marketplace, creating an economic superconductor.

The Evertree is self-funding and designed to scale at any rate we choose. A mash-up between Uber and Wikipedia; and home appliances is only the beginning.

Welcome to The Evertree.