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Tree Planting Packages

We've built unique tree planting packages that will help shape an understanding of how your impact will be felt on this planet. 



Why You Should Plant a Tree Today

Forest restoration is one of the best climate change solutions available.  Trees use the energy of sunlight and through the process of photosynthesis they take carbon dioxide from the air and water from the ground.  In the process of converting these items into plant material, trees release oxygen into the air.  In addition to the carbon dioxide that trees capture, they also help the soil capture significant amounts of carbon.


Each tree you plant will sequester roughly 0.2 tons of carbon in the first 30-40 years of its life.  A 100 year old tree can sequester up to 1 ton of carbon.  Mangroves, the trees that our partners plant most, sequester carbon at a rate two to four times greater than mature tropical forests.  A grove of Mangroves has the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems.

The Impact of Each Tree You Plant


Earth's Natural Forests

Despite the importance of trees, our planet's forests are being destroyed faster than they are growing... every second of every day in almost every country in the world. It will take hundreds of years for the trees we plant to grow into mature forests.  When a thousand year old forest is clear cut it will never return the same. 

In the decades to come the trees we plant today, may become the very lifeline we cling to as we ward off collapse of our ecosystems. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and if we do not act now we could lose our ability to act later.


Additional Information

What do I get when I plant a tree?

As soon as make your purchase we send you a personalized certificate thanking you for your contribution. This confirms both the number of trees you are planting and the region you are supporting.

We send a confirmation email to you as soon as your trees are actually planted. We will let you know the the GPS location of the planting project, the different species of trees that are planted at this site and send you pictures from the site. We will also send you updates on the lifecycle of that planting project over time so you can track the impact of your trees on the community and the environment.

Become a member!

Sign up to become a member of our site to track the progress of your personal forest as you plant.

You can view your personal dashboard at any time to see all the trees you have planted. We track the number of trees, age of trees, species of trees and the different parts of the world that you have planted in. We also track the environmental impact of the trees that make up your forest over time.

Track your progress and earn badges for your helping to changing the world

Where does my money go?

We have committed in our Articles of Incorporation to ensure a minimum of 85% of all funds received to tree planting activities and climate projects. At the end of each year we publicly publish our financial information, proof of all tree planting contributions and the data on the impact of each project we support.