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Plant a tree for every single tree cut down in the world today.  Each day the Earth looses 42 million trees to fire, land development and to the production and consumption of wood products. This has a devastating impact on species, ecosystems communities, the water cycle, climate and farmers thus threatening humanities very survival.


Planting these trees will not undo the harm done as these forests lost took a long time to grow in many cases over 100 years. However this contribution represents a philosophical line in the sand and a exclamation on behalf of humanity that NO today is a day where we turn the tide and will plant more than we cut. 


This contribution is a means for governments, corporations and philanthropists to fight back against rampant deforestation. We will recognize you and this contribution will fund and start countless planting projects across the globe combating extreme poverty and climate change.

1 Day of Deforestation - 42 Million Trees


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Thank you so much for your consideration for this offer! You're about to change the world. We'll get back to you within 24 hours!

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